Bart Larivière bij Hautekiet op Radio 1


4/11/2015 Nu meer en meer bedrijven aan huis leveren, is er ook meer dan ooit aandacht voor klantvriendelijkheid. Hoe pakken bedrijven in verschillende sectoren dat aan? Hautekiet vraagt het aan professor Bart Larivière (UGent).

Herbeluister via Hautekiet.


Doctoraat van Melissa De Regge in de kijker in Zorgwijzer



'Goede cultuur en gestroomlijnde processen leiden tot meer kwaliteit met minder middelen'

Zorgwijzer, nr. 55, pg 24-25. Download het artikel hier.

The Center for Service Intelligence organizes a successful


3rd edition of the "Lets Talk About Service" - workshop



On 11-12 December 2014, the Center for Service Intelligence was honored to host the third edition of “Let’s Talk about Service” (LTAS), which was organized together with Ghent University, Antwerp University and University of Namur and empowered by AMA SERVSIG.





LTAS aims to introduce young scholars to the wonderful world of service research and provide guidance for their PhD journey or early career. Each year, a workshop on a particular emerging topic is organized, thereby targeting PhD Candidates and Young Faculty.


The central topic of LTAS 2014 was how to position and publish service research, because it is – and we quote from Prof. Dr. Mary-Jo Bitner’s editorial – “a wonderful time to be a service researcher” but not easy for young scholars to get their research published.


During a two-day workshop in Ghent – which is not only the home town of the Center for Service Intelligence but also a very nice medieval city, we welcomed 48 participants from 8 different countries. All these participants were invited to talk about service research with peers, experts, and (area) editors of leading journals in our field. In preparation for the workshop, all participants submitted three key issues in relation to their research/publishing experience.


On the first day of the LTAS-workshop, Prof. Dr. Mirella Kleijnen zoomed in how to position and publish research papers in the field of service reserach, thereby drawing from both the literature and issues submitted by the participants. Next, scholars across all stages of the career path shared their personal experiences regarding positioning and publishing their papers, the publication process, and their lessons learned.


It is remarkable that all of these scholars – from starting PhD students as Drs. Anouk Den Ambtman to leading scholars as Prof. Dr. Timothy Keiningham and Prof. Dr. Lerzan Aksoy – testified to have struggled with positioning and publishing their research, at least at some point in their career. In the meanwhile, each of them pointed out the importance of not only scientific rigor but also continued effort, perseverance, and optimism.


On the second day, we had the honor to gain insight into positioning and publishing service research from the editor perspective. Specifically, the (area) editors of JM, JSR, JOSM, JSTP (former MSQ), and JSM presented their journal and shared their view on key topics for service researchers. Additionally, these editors enumerated key issues to be addressed before getting your research published in their journals, such as clarifying the theoretical and practical contribution in the introduction to your research.


Afterwards, we had an interactive sessions where the editors responded to the key issues raised by the participants. Although we received more than 100 interest issues from the participants, we were able to group these issues into three categories: research development, personal development, and the review process. Each of the editors shared their experiences with the participants during a vivid panel discussion, but we were very grateful that they also took the time to talk to the participants during coffee breaks, lunches, and dinners.


In sum, we really enjoyed the LTAS-workshop and hope that the same goes for our participants. A couple of them already ensured us that they’ll come back to LTAS… and even to our city Ghent…


Bart Larivière and the CSI-team


A visual summary can be found here.




The Center for Service Intelligence co-organizes a successful

'Lets talk about services'-conference





This two-day event is a joint initiative of the University of Namur (Prof. Dr. Wafa Hammedi), University of Antwerp (Prof. Dr. Annouk Lievens), and Ghent University (Prof. Dr. Bart Larivière), and is designed to introduce young scholars to the wonderful world of service research.


During the first workshop day keynote speakers from academia and business, and PhD Students shared their research, as well as insights relating to scholarships applications, international experience, intertwining academic rigor with business relevance, collaborating with companies, gathering and managing data, publication tips from journal editors, portfolio management, and trends in service research.



On the second day, an interactive workshop on Netnography for Service Research was led by Prof. Robert V. Kozinets. In this intensive workshop, Robert Kozinets, introduced and provided participants with hands-on experience conducting, revising, and presenting netnographic inquiries. The participants greatly enjoyed the organized networking events where they had the chance to get to know each other as well as receive feedback from the keynote speakers.


A complete visual summary can be found here

The Center for Service Intelligence Wins at the Frontiers in Service!

The Center for Service Intelligence is part of the team that won the "Best Practitioner Presentation Award" at the 2013 Frontiers in Service Conference, the world’s leading conference on service research that took place in Taipei in early July.


The team’s paper/presentation – “Perceptions are relative: An examination of the relationship between relative satisfaction metrics and share of wallet” – was co-authored by Bart Lariviere and Arne De Keyser (Center for Service Intelligence), Timothy Keiningham and Alexander Buoye (Ipsos Loyalty), Bruce Cooil (Vanderbilt University), Lerzan Aksoy (Fordham University), and Edward Malthouse (Northwestern University).


Winning presentations demonstrate how research is applied to real-world practical situations to address business issues. They are Innovative and engaging approaches that maintain practical and managerial applications.


The Center further contributed with three other presentations:


Freek Van Baelen, Bart Larivière and Griet Van der Vurst with their research: "Servicescape Remodeling and Customer Reactions: The Influence of the Transition Period and the Congruence between Customer and Remodeling Characteristics"


Yves Van Vaerenbergh with his research: "The Language Backfire Effect: Do Consumers Always Prefer to be Served in Their Strongest The Language ?'


Arne De Keyser and Bart Larivière with their research: "Optimizing the Offline Marketing Expenditures for Different Segments of Online Consumers"























From left to right: Timothy Keiningham, Arne De Keyser, Parsu Parasuraman, Bart Larivière and Lerzan Aksoy